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Preparing Your Listing With Care



“Treasured Estates is not your typical estate cleanout company that just moves between house and dump,” says Christopher Adams, co-owner of Treasured Estates.


“Our business model is estate sales and clean-outs done with care.” “Even after the completion of an estate sale or cleanout, if we find personal heirlooms or documents,” adds co-owner Mindy Farrell, “we take care to hold on to them so we can return them to the customer.”

Treasured Estates focuses on homes of people who have passed, have decided to move, or downsize. They clean out homes but also run estate sales.


“This gives our customers an option, based on their time frame, for getting the property listed.” They can seem like a godsend for family members from out of town whose loved one has passed, leaving an  empty  home full of stuff. “We deal with the stuff,” says Chris, “so all they need to do is deal with the home.”

Chris was a Milwaukee County deputy sheriff, and Mindy was a pharmacy tech. “I had always wanted to own my own business,” says Chris. He and his wife, Shilo, have three kids — Marissa (22), Dakota (15) and Phoenix (10) — and Chris was wanting work that was a little more flexible.

Mindy and her husband, Tim, had decided to homeschool their daughter, Rebekah (18), so Mindy needed a job with good flexibility as well. They had independently created their own companies for estate sales and home cleanouts. Luckily, they had a mutual friend who connected them. After a year of their two businesses working together, Mindy and Chris decided to just put them together into a single  company.


That way, they could grow and move forward together. Treasured Estates works with over 10 different organizations and charity groups so that the goods from their cleanouts are donated and will be reused by other families. They also work with churches and organizations that are working with people who lost their homes and belongings to fires, flooding or other disasters.

“We have always had the passion to help others,” says Mindy. “We don’t just bid on jobs to get a job. We do a complete and thorough walk-through, a right down-to-the-penny estimate, so everyone is on the  same page. We want everyone to know exactly what will take place, via an estate sale, cleanout or something in between.”

“For the past four years, all our clients have come from word of mouth and referrals,” Chris notes. “I’m sure that’s because of the care we take with each client.” “We take time getting to know them,” adds  Mindy.


“Often, by the time we’re finished, the client has become a friend.” Once, Chris and Mindy heard from a friend that a student of hers had been living at the Salvation Army shelter. The child’s father had lost his job due to COVID-19-caused layoffs.  The child mentioned that his family of seven had just moved into an apartment, but they didn’t have any furniture — no beds to sleep on, no dining table to eat around.

Chris and Mindy invited the family, along with several school members, for dinner at the Treasured Estates’ warehouse. Over the course of the evening, Treasured Estates let the family move through the warehouse with tape, marking the items that would help turn their apartment into a home. Within a week, the family had a fully furnished space they could call a home. That’s just how they work. 

Chris and Mindy know that a filled home suddenly for sale on the market can be a nightmare for the REALTOR®.


They want you to know that help is just a phone call away at 414-803-7938.

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